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Rico International (Beijing) Medicine Technology Co., Ltd.

Rico International (Beijing) Medicine Technology Co., Ltd. was renamed and established in 2020; it is composed of a group of medical experts, scholars and management talents who have made achievements and contributions in the field of medicine and health. Our aims is to help domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies cooperate in product introduction, technology introduction, market expansion, etc.; to introduce better medical and health products and technologies from the world to China to benefit the Chinese people; at the same time, to export better medical and health products and technologies from China to Foreign countries to benefit the whole human being.



Rico International (Beijing) Medicine Technology Co., Ltd., its predecessor was one of the stock companies of the former Ministry of Health Service Center. The company is now registered in Beijing and has an office in Tokyo, Japan.



Business objectives: Provide better solutions for the international application of better pharmaceutical products and new technologies; become a pioneer in the international pharmaceutical market. The company is actively committed to introducing foreign medicines and health products into China; at the same time, it also promotes Chinese medicines and technologies to the international market.



Team advantage: Have a better product development and registration team and domestic advisory group. Most of the members are experts in the industry and have work experience in foreign companies; they have rich experience in product development, registration and post-marketing pharmaceutical management. The overseas business development team and the domestic market development team are a gathering of talents and outstanding performance.



Resource advantages: Have a better professional drug import, technology introduction and exchange platform; actively participate in international cooperation; maintain a good relationship with Japanese medical management agencies, societies and other authoritative organizations; have close exchanges with Chinese medical management departments; have many successful cases of cooperation with international companies.



Partners: Have become strategic partners with more than 50 Japanese pharmaceutical companies and scientific research institutions; have formed strategic alliances with nearly a hundred domestic pharmaceutical companies and research institutes; have built a bridge for the international exchange of medical products and technologies.



In the field of product sales, a customer network with marketing promotion and marketing capabilities can be formed. 



Business philosophy: Create value for customers and serve human health.


Field Positioning

Market-oriented, focusing on common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases; focusing on women, pediatrics, and geriatric diseases, focusing on antibacterial, antiviral, antitumor, and antiaging fields; continuously expanding and enriching the product lineup of multiple dosage forms.


Product Category

Innovative drugs, generic drugs, OTC drugs, medical device products, regenerative medical supplies, disinfection supplies, etc.


Pharmaceutical Dosage Form

The following dosage forms of chemicals and biological products (including probiotics): injections, oral preparations, patches, eye drops, ointments, etc.


Rico International (Beijing) Medicine Technology Co., Ltd.

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