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    Position: Chairman and President of Reco International (Beijing) Medicine Technology Co., LTD

    Education: Graduated from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University

      Master of Science, Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    Title: Senior Engineer of Professor-level

      Licensed Pharmacist

      International Certified Senior Business Administrator

    Resume and Main Experience

    Mr. Shaohui Zhang is with nearly 8 years of experience in drug R&D and scientific research management of large state-owned pharmaceutical enterprises in China. He has nearly 23 years of senior management experience in large multinational pharmaceutical companies (Yamanouchi and Astellas). He used to engage in Drug Research & Development, Regulatory Affairs management, Strategic management, Supply chain Management, Trademark and Patent management, etc. He participated in drug development, registration and product introduction of more than 30 products of the company and is familiar with corporate governance and national regulations. He published academic papers of more than 20.

    1989.08-1994.12 Director of Drug Analysis Lab, Drug Institute of Shenyang No.1 Pharmacy Factory.

    1995.01-1997.03: Deputy Director of Drug Institute, Drug Institute of Shenyang No.1 Pharmacy Factory;Vice general manager, Drug Development Corporation of Shenyang No.1 Pharmacy Factory.

    1997.04—2007.03: Manager, Senior Manager, (Head of Department),Regulation Affairs Department of Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical (China) Co., Ltd.

    2007.04—2012.04: Director of RA & Planning Management Division, Astellas Pharma China Inc.

    2012.05—2014.09: Director of Operation & Planning Management Division, Astellas Pharma China Inc.Including RA, Supply Chain Management, Planning Management Departments.

    2014.10- 2019.09: Director of RA & supply management, Astellas Pharma Greater China.

    2019.10-2020.04: General Manager, Beijing Huawei Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.

    2020.05-- Chairman and President, Reco International (Beijing) Medicine Technology Co., LTD.


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